Wed. Jul 28th, 2021

One for the Road—and Off-Road

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If 2020 was the year of staying at home and sheltering in place, 2021 is the year of the open road and off-road adventures. Whether you have been dreaming of returning to one of your family’s favorite destinations like the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone or the Smoky Mountains, or going somewhere new and exciting, the new Ford Explorer can transport you there safely, efficiently and in first-class style. Let your adventure dreams come to fruition sooner rather than later. Let’s put 2020 behind us and embrace the need to explore new places and broaden our horizons with Ford’s newest Explorer. Learn more about it so that the 2021 Ford Explorer can make your travel plans complete.

Powerfully Explore with Fuel Efficiency

The Ford Explorer can take you there

The new Ford Explorer is not a cookie-cutter truck. It has three different engine packages to choose from–the Standard, Hybrid and the ST. Both the Standard and the ST have Ford’s patented EcoBoost engines, giving them more horsepower and torque while retaining fuel efficiency. The Hybrid has an electric battery that boosts fuel economy. All of these features follow the current truck trends. Truck drivers want additional power, but without sacrificing miles per gallon.

With the 2021 Ford Explorer and its power, you and your passengers can adventure to the Great Lakes with your boat or camper in tow. No need to worry about making it over the hills and mountains with your adventure toys. Likewise, your wallet will thank you for the fuel efficiency. Perhaps that extra money can go towards treating you and your family to luxury amenities, whether dinners out, tickets to attractions or more trips. This year should be one for not just an annual vacation, but a year of many adventures to make up for lost time.

Best Performance Regardless of Terrain

Although the open road is fun, off-roading is unforgettable. With its proprietary Terrain Management System, the new Ford Explorer can handle the most challenging road and off-road conditions through dial settings for Trail, Snow, Slippery, Sport, Tow/haul and more. Imagine the thrill of sunsets off-the-beaten-path or campfires outside your camper in remote places where your closest neighbor is miles away. On the flip side, you no longer worry after a snowstorm or heavy rain when you are heading back from or to work. The Ford Explorer handles the road under every condition like a pro. You can trust the Ford Explorer to guide you and your towed toys through rough spots, traffic jams, mud, sand and storms.

Heading to the unforgettable

Sporty Design Worth Bragging About

Although what’s under the hood outperforms its predecessors, its sporty design both inside the cab and out are worth writing home about or perhaps bragging on Instagram. Imagine what the younger version of you would have thought about showing up to the high school or college football game in a Ford Explorer. It’s a definite eye-catching ride. Plus, the new Ford Explorer is not a one-style-fits-all truck. With options for an aggressive grille with hood lettering, skid plates, dual chrome exhaust and more, you can customize your Explorer to be as adventurous and bold as you are–or as cool and understated as you want to be. Although most don’t buy a truck just for looks, it doesn’t hurt when a truck looks this good. Plus, it’s how this truck will make you feel that is important. Most drivers can’t decide what they like most about this sport truck. It’s hard to decide whether it is performance, looks, fuel efficiency or the mix of it all.  See what others are saying about it.

State of the Art Technology

For your all-season road trips and adventures, you don’t have to ditch entertainment. The in-cabin entertainment and safety systems are state of the art. You can seamlessly create a playlist on your smartphone and sync it to Ford Sync. Who needs a DJ! Plus, its hands-free technology allows you to answer phone calls and text messages. Who needs a secretary anymore! And the technology doesn’t stop there. The enhanced navigation makes it easy for you on scenic drives with its 8.0-inch LED display. As a bonus for those who cherish the utmost safety, the new Ford Explorer includes premium technological safety features. Some of the test drivers’ favorites are the cross-traffic alert and the lane-keeping system. You can be the judge of your preferred technological gadgets. They probably won’t be the same as your other half’s nor your passengers’ favorites. However, there’s enough technology to make any group of travelers happy campers.

The Explorer can bring it all along

More Room for Storage for the Day-to-Day Stuff

For those who are concerned about interior storage space, the 2021 Ford Explorer is ideal for the weekly grocery store runs as well as hauling sporting equipment and luggage. The rear seatbacks fold flat, allowing for maximum room for the family picnics, soccer games, and office potlucks. Plus, if you have your hands full with all the groceries, equipment and more, there is a hands-free option for opening the liftgate with your foot. Who needs an extra hand with the new Ford Explorer!

Whether you are looking for a powerful new truck that can take you and your family on camping trips or cross-town mini-trips, the 2021 Ford Explorer has much to offer. From its stylish, sporty design and its safety features to its off-road capabilities and fuel efficiency, the new Ford Explorer is the key to putting the last year behind us and launching into a 2021 full of adventure. Who doesn’t want to seize the freedom of the open road, travel again and do so with those we care about the most? The Ford Explorer can help you accomplish your dreams and create great family memories for years to come. To learn everything you need to know about the newest Ford Explorer and take a test drive: click here.

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