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It’s as Easy as 1, 2…8  

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According to Statista, there were 89,400 cars robberies in 2020/21 and, overall, January is the most difficult month for vehicle crime.

While many luxury vehicles come equipped with additional security, there is still a risk of being hacked by tech-savvy robbers. On the other hand, if you have an older car, you might believe that no one would steal it.

Here are some of the finest ways to theft -proof your car according to Autovault.

Always Double-Check That Your Car Is Locked

It may appear obvious, but if you’ve got remote locking, it’s easy to overlook whether the vehicle is locked or not. Even for a short trip (to pick up the shopping cart or unload the recycling), make sure the car is locked.

In the winter, leaving a car running while it is defrosting might result in its theft. This occurs when motorists leave their cars on while they go inside–and opportunistic thieves take advantage of the opportunity while they’re away! Avoid this by keeping an eye on the vehicle as you defrost it.

Location can be everything

When It Comes To Parking, Location Is Key

“If you have access to a garage, park your car there.” says Peter Rodger, the IAM RoadSmart expert. “When you’re out and about, park in a well-lit and open place,” he advises. “And when you’re out and about, park in a well-lit and open area.”

Ideally, park in a car park that has received the Park Mark standard (these have passed a police risk assessment). It’s also advised by an ex-burglar to turn your wheels into the curb when parking, as it will force robbers to make more movements to escape.

Keep Your Car Clean

“Store all valuables, including gifts, out of sight,” advises Rodger. “If the trunk is packed full, attempt to keep things secure somewhere else in the car or cover them with carpeting.”

Purchase a Steering Wheel Lock

These were very popular in the 1990s, but they’re making a comeback as a way to employ old-school mechanical gadgets to combat high-tech car crimes like relay theft.

Have Your Car Windows Etched

According to the police, having your car windows emblazoned with the registration or vehicle identification number makes it less appealing to thieves since it will be more difficult to sell and would also aid in the recovery of stolen vehicles.

Be careful handing over keys

Take Precautions Against Test Drive Robbers

If you’re selling a vehicle and a potential buyer requests to test drive it, they’ll usually insist on you coming with them–some thieves pretend to be purchasers and take the car away never to be seen again!

At the start of business, insist that they show you their driver’s license and insurance. Bring someone along if possible.

Keep an Eye Out for Keyless Robbers

If you have a vehicle with keyless entry and ignition, it may be vulnerable to keyless car theft, often known as “relay theft.” Thieves may use radio frequencies to acquire your car key fob’s signal and then “transmit” it to the vehicle, which will then unlock and allow them to drive off.

Install a Dashcam

A dashcam with intelligent parking mode will turn on and start recording when it detects any movement, as well as being a deterrent for robbers. However, keep in mind that you could be fined if it is deemed to be obstructing your view of the road.

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